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commissions (open!)

Chibi, flatcolored: $10

Cartoon, inked: $15
Cartoon, flatcolored: $20
Cartoon, colored & shaded: $25  

Lineless, waist-up: $15
Lineless, fullbody: $25

Sketch: $5
Sketch, colored: $7 

For every extra character in one piece, please divide the base price by two. (For example, if I want three chibis in one drawing, it’d be 10 + 5 + 5 = $20.)

Please only order a maximum of three characters at once for now! Thank you.

HOW TO———+

1. Please send a completed form (below) to, then a Paypal transaction to immediately afterwards.

3. You will receive your commission within one month after you place your order. If you do not, you will be fully refunded and the artwork will be completed for you anyways.


If you plan on commissioning multiple characters, but want them to be in separate pictures, please be sure to tell me in the e-mail!

Style: (Please refer to the chart above!)


References: (It’d also be great if you told me things like their (perceived) age, body specifications, as well as personality.)

Other specifications: (i.e. certain pose, facial expression, clothing, list it here, with reference images, if you can)

Total Price: 

COMMISSION LIST—————————————————-——-

  1. dare (request to be changed)
  2. neon
  3. snoof (request to be changed)
  4. fyeahlilbit2point0
  5. halie

SKETCH COMMISSIONS—————————————————-

  1. letties (request to be changed)
  2. hayats (request to be changed)
  3. snoof
  4. -
  5. -
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