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kotaline asked: once upon a time there was a very special boy named willis!!! willis was a talented child who was locked away by his father but then one day his father wasn’t there anymore, which sucked for him. he spent a lot of time on his own, but then he heard a voice call from outside saying ‘willis willis let down your hair’ but he didn’t have enough hair so he just tied a bunch of shit together. a very handsome prince climbed up the rope and said ‘i have come to save you from your predicament!!’ (cont.)

kotaline asked: which willis replied ‘what’ and the prince asked ‘aren’t you a damsel in distress’ and willis said ‘nope’ so the prince just bought the maps willis had to tie together to get him up there in the first place and left very sheepishly the end.

what a sugoi fairyterru…

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