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A Flower Wreath stunted Plague I drew back in the spring for The Plague Doctor.
A Love Letter stunted Plague I drew back in the spring for The Plague Doctor.
decided to upload this warm-up of thane for posterity. he is lazysmirk’s!
School is out! I have a lot of contacting and drawing and working to do before I’m not a complete disappointment to humanity. I’ve lost a lot of HP on Habit because I haven’t been able to, oops…
But for tonight, have a Noah, and I apologize for the silence as of late. There will be a little more while I catch up with everything that I owe! (I’ve also queued a Homestuck related giveaway to be posted on Tuesday.)
Would anyone like this original Link drawing? Text me at (707)849-3782 and I’ll ship it to anyone for $15. First claim gets it!
kankri congo line
Rosemary fooor neon-mace!
~*belles chansons d’amour*~
i have sinned
(thank u thesweetprince for the sparkles…)
warm-up drawing of zacharie.
Vanya, retake of a character I designed back in… 2011?? 2010????
Here he was before!

I can no longer see myself, my form, my shape…It fades from view.