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Anonymous :  Hey ! Do you know awesome your art is ?! I'm sad that I'm broke because I would love to pay you for having your beautiful draws only for me ! :-) Anyway, your tumblr is one of my favourite and you are one of these few artists who are able to draw different facial features and realistic expressions ! You're so talented it gonna kill me ! XDDD Bye bye !!

i never got a notification for this message and oh no you are too sweet, anon, thank you so much! ;-;

(looking through my inventory and- i really wish my tumblr inbox was less glitchy- but a lot of these messages are so sweet and thank you guys for sending them…)

dobercorgi :  I'm sorry if this is an annoying ask but! I was wondering if your commissions are open or closed? The sidebar says closed while the page itself says open, so I wanted to see if they were open or not : )

They’re closed at the moment, my apologies! I’ll make an announcement once they open again, but I need to get my shit together first, frankly speaking, haha.

the sick burn of realizing that paint tool sai’s logo has a rainbow gradient on it but there’s no gradient tool in sai

kotaline :  Once you get this, share 5 random facts about yourself, then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers!

omg kota did you do this already

  2. i love chocolate ice cream
  3. i’m having a difficult time thinking of five random facts—
  4. i have a very strong desire to write right now but don’t have the mental facilities to
  5. my favorite breed of dog is samoyeds
Anonymous :  Hello! Your secret Santa here. Just a question about Teufel Town black market. Generally what does it look like? I'm not a goodartist but I hope you'll like your present :)

Hey there! I don’t really have a clear idea of what the Teufel Town black market looks like, really, but I imagine it to be similar in feeling to when you go to a fair, haha… a little vague… thank you, though, and I hope you have fun working on it!

i think i’ve come to terms with the fact that the more i say “this fucking idiot” at a fictional character it just means i love them that much more

Anonymous :  Are you interested in doing a character design exercise for funsies where you're just given a single word theme and you try to design a character based on that theme? As simple or complex as you like, just something to test creative muscles.

After I get everything I owed to folks in order, I’d definitely be interested in trying this, especially because Dare recommended I do adoptables at some point, haha. Thanks for the suggestion!

When you know you have difficulty with some aspect of drawing all the time [legs, composition, hair, whatever] and you look at what you’re working on currently and go: “Hey, that’s actually kind of decent.”

and then you forget how you fucking did it immediately afterwards

Anonymous :  TRICK OR TREAT!


have a pumpkin mallow anon-chan-san

fun facts

i tried to give shire [catinspats’ character] poofy pants but it just looks like he has An Impressive Butt

marieofbovasso said: omg, this is too adorable! Since you’ve stated to do with it what we will, would it be okay to color the little cutie and post with credit and/or reblog to the original? I don’t want to get ahead of myself at the risk of offending the creator. ^ ^;

aw man, i’d be honored, credit or not! u//w//u thank you so much!

wow hi guys

hello, everyone!! for the past month+ i haven’t been updating that much, including things that i should be updating people on for, so i feel awfully irresponsible, but:

i haven’t felt up to snuff with drawing as of late, but hopefully that will change, and i will notify commissioners on updates after i get some sleep. thank you for sticking around!

photinus -> spoopinus

i’m sorry

this one’s for you, snoof (and kota)


ok i had a long day so WORLDBUILDING WEDNESDAY i will draw the replies it’ll be ~great~

you can ask about geoffrey, owen, clement, feilim, cammy, or any of the geoffries and owens from mine and photinus’s shitty AUs. i think we have like, mafia au, college au, hogwarts au, you know, ALL THE USUAL SHIT.

fuckin’ right we have that many shitty aus

Tumblr, I need your help.





Here’s the story: 

I got into one of the most prestigious graduate programs in my field in the world

That’s great and everything, but I have a huge problem. I, my girlfriend, and our cats have no way of getting there. My parents do not support our relationship and refuse to help pay her way there and are treating her like garbage and are accusing her of being a burden on me and my education.

I was going to sell my car to get the money for our plane tickets, but as the car isn’t in my name, I legally have no right to the money. My parents are refusing to pay for anything even remotely related to my girlfriend or our cats. Now it’s up in the air if my car is even going to be sold at all. 

We have already started going through our things to list them on Ebay, Craigslist, and StorEnvy. I don’t know if we can sell enough in time to buy affordable tickets along with all the other travel necessities. 

Please, if you can help in any way, we desperately need it. We need to earn at least $5,000 in the next month in order to buy our tickets, vaccinations for our cats, and passports. 

I hate doing this sort of thing. I don’t like to beg. This is my education and my future at stake and my parents stand to destroy all of that because of their misplaced prejudice. 

If you can, please donate any amount you are able to spare to our Paypal account at junkeemunky(at)yahoo(dot)com.

If you can’t afford to donate, please reblog and signal boost this post. Please. 

This all happened out of nowhere, and at the worst possible time. I’m still a bit stunned. We’ve been together for 7 years now. My girlfriend has worked so hard for this opportunity, I cannot believe HER FAMILY OF ALL PEOPLE would want to ruin it for her. Hell, even if you can only spare a dollar and a signal boost, we will happily take it. If you want to know other ways you can help out, here are four:

1. I’m busting my ass doing as many commissions as people are willing to throw my way. Hit me up if you are interested. Mostly drawing, but I’ll also take all the plush commissions I can fit into the next month.

2. I’m about to dump a million handmade things into our shop. It’ll be constant throughout the next 2-3 weeks. I do pretty much everything. Sculpting, drawing, painting, repurposed/modified clothing and shoes, jewelry, plushes, stationery, comics, prints, accessories, etc etc etc. I’ll also happily take ideas and suggestions of specific things you’d like to see added.

3. We’ll be selling at SacAnime. For now, we’re planning to sell at the swap meet. We may also be sharing an artist alley table with a good friend. I’ll post an update when it’s 100% confirmed

4. I’ll be selling pretty much everything I own on our shop/ebay soon. Ben Nye and other cosplay makeup, lolita clothing and accessories, video games/consoles, artbooks, fabric, and probably a lot more. 

Additional ways to help listed above— coarsefur will be taking commissions and we both will be filling our store with new items soon.

signal boost! shuraiya’s a super sweet friend, and i can vouch for her, so any help, purchases or anything, would be wonderful!

Shuraiya and Coarsefur are the sweetest!! Best of luck, you two!