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what the hell is going on
Anonymous :  hello, I'm just here to see if this is the artist whom i got a commission from about the GoT flag for my friend, because i kind of forgot to take your card, if i did find the right person, so i'm just checking to make sure. If i got the wrong person i'm sorry for the intrusion.

You did indeed get the right person! I sent a test sketch to the e-mail you gave me, I don’t know if they/you ever got it, though.

Anonymous :  Hey ! Do you know awesome your art is ?! I'm sad that I'm broke because I would love to pay you for having your beautiful draws only for me ! :-) Anyway, your tumblr is one of my favourite and you are one of these few artists who are able to draw different facial features and realistic expressions ! You're so talented it gonna kill me ! XDDD Bye bye !!

i never got a notification for this message and oh no you are too sweet, anon, thank you so much! ;-;

(looking through my inventory and- i really wish my tumblr inbox was less glitchy- but a lot of these messages are so sweet and thank you guys for sending them…)

barefootfriar :  I'm sorry if this is an annoying ask but! I was wondering if your commissions are open or closed? The sidebar says closed while the page itself says open, so I wanted to see if they were open or not : )

They’re closed at the moment, my apologies! I’ll make an announcement once they open again, but I need to get my shit together first, frankly speaking, haha.

the sick burn of realizing that paint tool sai’s logo has a rainbow gradient on it but there’s no gradient tool in sai

kotaline :  Once you get this, share 5 random facts about yourself, then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers!

omg kota did you do this already

  2. i love chocolate ice cream
  3. i’m having a difficult time thinking of five random facts—
  4. i have a very strong desire to write right now but don’t have the mental facilities to
  5. my favorite breed of dog is samoyeds
Anonymous :  Hello! Your secret Santa here. Just a question about Teufel Town black market. Generally what does it look like? I'm not a goodartist but I hope you'll like your present :)

Hey there! I don’t really have a clear idea of what the Teufel Town black market looks like, really, but I imagine it to be similar in feeling to when you go to a fair, haha… a little vague… thank you, though, and I hope you have fun working on it!

i think i’ve come to terms with the fact that the more i say “this fucking idiot” at a fictional character it just means i love them that much more

Anonymous :  Are you interested in doing a character design exercise for funsies where you're just given a single word theme and you try to design a character based on that theme? As simple or complex as you like, just something to test creative muscles.

After I get everything I owed to folks in order, I’d definitely be interested in trying this, especially because Dare recommended I do adoptables at some point, haha. Thanks for the suggestion!

When you know you have difficulty with some aspect of drawing all the time [legs, composition, hair, whatever] and you look at what you’re working on currently and go: “Hey, that’s actually kind of decent.”

and then you forget how you fucking did it immediately afterwards

Anonymous :  TRICK OR TREAT!


have a pumpkin mallow anon-chan-san

fun facts

i tried to give shire [catinspats’ character] poofy pants but it just looks like he has An Impressive Butt

marieofbovasso said: omg, this is too adorable! Since you’ve stated to do with it what we will, would it be okay to color the little cutie and post with credit and/or reblog to the original? I don’t want to get ahead of myself at the risk of offending the creator. ^ ^;

aw man, i’d be honored, credit or not! u//w//u thank you so much!

wow hi guys

hello, everyone!! for the past month+ i haven’t been updating that much, including things that i should be updating people on for, so i feel awfully irresponsible, but:

i haven’t felt up to snuff with drawing as of late, but hopefully that will change, and i will notify commissioners on updates after i get some sleep. thank you for sticking around!

photinus -> spoopinus

i’m sorry

this one’s for you, snoof (and kota)